The Best Alternative to Taplio

Taplio can overwhelm with its complexity, steep learning curve and high cost.

While MagicPost offers a user-friendly experience, making LinkedIn content creation effortless at an affordable price.

What is Taplio?

Taplio is a LinkedIn automation and content creation tool designed to help users enhance their presence on the LinkedIn platform. It offers features such as profile optimization, content scheduling, and analytics to assist in building a more effective LinkedIn strategy.

Primarily aimed at professionals and businesses looking to increase their visibility and engagement on LinkedIn, Taplio provides a suite of tools for content management and audience growth.

How does Taplio works?

Content Scheduling and Automation

The platform allows users to schedule posts in advance, automating their LinkedIn content strategy. This helps in maintaining a consistent presence on the platform without the need for daily manual posting.

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Users can track the performance of their LinkedIn posts through Taplio’s analytics features. This data helps in understanding what content resonates with their audience, enabling them to tailor their strategy for better engagement.

Content Ideas and Templates

Taplio provides content ideas and templates to inspire users, making it easier to create engaging posts. This feature is particularly useful for those who struggle with content creation or need guidance on what types of posts perform well on LinkedIn.

Engagement and Network Growth Tools

Taplio also includes tools to help users grow their network and increase engagement on their posts. This may include features for finding and connecting with new contacts or engaging with other users' content.

3 Reasons to Choose MagicPost Over Taplio

User Friendly

MagicPost redefines ease of use in LinkedIn content creation. Its intuitive interface allows users to quickly craft compelling posts, transforming complex ideas into engaging content with minimal effort.

High Quality

At the heart of MagicPost is its commitment to quality. Leveraging the power of GPT-4 AI combined with an algorithm, MagicPost produces standout posts that capture attention and engage your audience.


Unlike other platforms that come with hefty price tags, MagicPost offers exceptional value. It provides premium features without the premium cost, making high-quality LinkedIn content creation accessible to everyone.

What a Taplio user says

“I've been using both MagicPost and Taplio for my LinkedIn content strategy, and I must say, MagicPost stands out for its user-friendliness and efficiency. While Taplio offers a comprehensive set of features, I found its interface a bit overwhelming and less intuitive. MagicPost, on the other hand, simplifies the content creation process remarkably.”

Maxim Seifer

Marketing Director

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